E-Signature with Required Fields

With Concord's e-signature process, signatures can be requested with required fields being incomplete. This allows your signatories to sign the document as soon as their portion of the fields are complete without waiting for other users' fields to be completed first.

  • Allowing signatories to manage their fields and signatures independently enables the contract to move faster throughout the lifecycle. 

Requesting E-Signature

  • Once all approvals are completed and edits are resolved, the document can be moved into signing mode by Requesting a signature.
  • E-signature can be requested even if the required fields are missing information. 

Signing the Document with Required Fields

  • If a signatory is assigned to required fields, the assignee must complete those fields before signature.
  • If the assignee completes all required fields, that assignee can sign the document. 
    • If Person A is a signatory assigned to 5 fields, Person A can sign the document once their designated fields have been completed.
    • If Person B is also assigned five fields, Person A can still sign the document regardless of the missing fields assigned to Person B.
    • Each signatory can sign once their assigned fields have been completed, regardless of fields assigned to other users.

Signing the Document with Required Fields Assigned to Anyone, External or Internal Party 

  • If a document has a required field assigned to Anyone, an External Party, or an Internal Party, the last person that falls into the category will be required to complete the field.
    • Example: Person A, Person B, and Person C are all designated signatories on the document. Person A signs first, Person B signs second, and the required fields assigned to anyone is still empty. Because Person C is the last person to sign that falls in the category of anyone, person C will be responsible for completing the empty field before they will be allowed to sign the document. 
    • Example: If Person A and Person B are both internal signatories, and there is a field assigned to Internal Party, the last person to sign the document will be responsible for the required field assigned to an internal party.
  • Pop-up modals will appear for signatories reminding them that required fields are still left on the document if they choose to sign once their specific assigned fields have been completed. The user can then choose to sign the document or complete the empty field assigned to 'Anyone, Internal or External Party'.