Creating Custom Signature Blocks

Document editors can create custom signature blocks with any desired fields, placing them anywhere within the document. If a signature block requires two or more columns, it can be organized using a table.

Note: If your document has pre-set signature blocks turned on, it is not necessary to create your own signature blocks within the document. However, you can do so, if you wish. 

1. Create a table

  • In edit mode, place your cursor where you want the signature blocks to be located in the document and select the table icon from the toolbar. 

  • Choose the number of columns and rows you would like to include in the table.
  • To create a signature block with less vertical height between stacked fields, create a table with only a single row and insert all fields per signer into a single cell. Enter a hard Return between each of the fields to locate each field on its own line.
  • Expand the table to a different size by clicking the bottom left-hand corner and dragging the table downwards. 

2. Add fields to cells

  • In edit mode, open the Fields panel by clicking on the Fields button from the right-hand column.
  • In the 'Select an assignee' input, choose your first signer. 
  • Drag and drop the field into the desired table cell.