Concord & Zapier

With the new Concord & Zapier integration, you can connect Concord to other apps outside of our native integrations. Increase productivity with connections to Google Forms, Slack, and more! 

Creating a Zap

  1. Start by logging in to your Zapier account. Access Zapier here!
  2. Select Create a Zap
  3. Search for Concord CLM
  4. Select a trigger from the drop-down

  5. You will be asked to log in to your Concord account and allow Zapier to connect to your Concord account.
  6. Once logged in, choose the platform you would like to connect to Concord
  7. Choose an event or reaction to your initial Concord action
    • The example below states that when a document is signed in Concord, message a channel in your slack account
  8. Keep in mind that whatever platforms you include in your Zaps will have to be connected to Zapier.
  9. Test the action
  10. Turn on the Zap!

Zaps are structured as if-then statements. In the example video below the Zap is: 

  • If "there is a signed document in Concord" 
  • Then, "there will be a message in Slack notifying the team that the document was signed. 

Featured Zaps

Once Concord and Zapier are connected, by selecting Automations>Integrations from the left navigation menu, you can turn on featured zaps with the click of a button!

  1. Click Automations>Integrations.
  2. Open the Zapier dropdown
  3. If you have yet to connect your Concord account, select Connect to Zapier and follow the prompts
  4. If you have connected your accounts, select any Zaps you would like to establish by clicking Use this Zap.