The lifecycle information added to your Summary panel will drive notifications, deadline reports, and information on the Deadlines page, where you can view upcoming deadlines, including lifecycle dates, financial conditions, and clauses.

Deadline Page

The Deadlines page can be accessed from the Home page by clicking on the calendar icon.

Filtering Deadlines 

Filter your Deadline report by using the first filter to view documents based on deadline date. 

  • All: All Deadlines 
  • Upcoming: Deadlines in the future
  • Past: Deadlines that have already occurred
  • Unknown: Deadline information is unknown due to the Lifecycle section or Clauses of the Summary sheet have not been completed.

Filter by Deadline type:

  • Lifecycle: Lifecycle dates, such as an End date or Renewal date, in the Summary
  • Financial conditions: Financial conditions of clauses in the Summary
  • Main clause: Date-based conditions of clauses in the Summary

Filter by Tags:

  • Filter Deadline reports using tags that are applied to documents.

Data Export

  1. Navigate to the Deadlines page
  2. Optionally, apply filters and select Export
  3. Select Export list from the toolbar above the documents
  4. The Export choice modal will open
  5. Choose to export the Deadline report data as a CSV or Excel file 
  6. Select Export