Free Plan Removal FAQ

As of March 31st, 2022 we will no longer support the option for Free plans on Concord. Through the evolution of our product, we have always aimed to constantly refine our features and services.

This update is a part of our continuous aim to better curate an excellent user experience and manage user data.

Please note that this does not affect individuals who have been invited to sign or edit documents by a Concord Customer. Third-party invitees do not have to be paid users to edit or sign a document.

Who Does This Change Affect?

The following user groups will no longer have access to their accounts at the beginning of the new year:

  •  Individuals and organizations without paid subscriptions
  • Former or current Concord users with 'free' accounts
  • Users removed from paid plans (such as seat swaps or seat removal from a paid organization)

This change does not impact users who are part of paid subscription plans on Concord and does not include third parties invited to sign your documents as guests at this time. 

What Plans will be Available?

  • Concord hosts a variety of subscription plans, keeping unique team structures in mind. You are welcome to explore which one suits you or your team best here. Have additional questions? Contact our Sales Team!

Can I change plans during my subscription? 

  • You are welcome to change your subscription at any time! If you’re an Admin for your organization, subscriptions can be easily managed in your settings.  If you know that your organization is managed through a Customer Success Manager, you can opt to reach out to that party for further assistance. If you need additional help, please feel free to reach out to Support at Concord, and we’ll get you squared away.

Who is Considered a User? 

  • A user is an individual on your plan that holds a seat within your organization on Concord. Depending on your subscription, you may have a limit to the number of users on your plan.

How do I add my Credit Card?

  • If you would like to adjust your payment method in anticipation of this change pre-emptively, you'll be able to do so in your user settings under 'Company' then 'Subscription,' and 'Edit Subscription.'  

What Happens to my Documents?

  • Your data will remain intact, and should you wish to retrieve your negotiations beyond March 31st, you will have the option to select from one of our various subscription plans
  • In full respect of your privacy, we are also more than happy to delete your data at any time; please submit a request with Support at Concord

What Happens to Documents Signed in Concord?

  • You will be able to access Signed negotiations through the email received when a document had been fully signed by clicking the link in the email.
  •  Without a subscription, accessing negotiations in the 'Documents' section, My Tasks, and Personal Folder will not be possible. 

Can I Keep the Free plan?

  • We are not able to extend any Free plans for users.

How can I Download my Data? 

  • Please be mindful of downloading your content before March 31st. You will not have access to your account. 
  • Check out the Help Center guide on how to bulk download your documents.

 Do all Users Have to be on a Paid Plan? 

  • Users brought into your organization with roles such as Collaborator, Creator, Admin, and Custom Roles will all be counted towards your overall seat charge. Internal users assigned as viewers remain free. If you are concerned about the limitations of your plan, you can always consider Swapping Users. 

 What Resources are Available for Paid Plans? 

  • We have a variety of learning and development materials available for both you and your colleagues, including the Help Center, where you can find articles and instructions on various topics and features on Concord. Additionally, the Concord Education team hosts live webinar sessions, where you or your team can individually sign up for classes covering topics like Administrative training, approval workflows, and collaboration methods!