Deleting a Document from Signing or Review Stage

Select Signature from the top menu and then Cancel all Signatures if signatures have already been completed. 

If signatures have not been completed:

  • Hover over where it says Ready to sign? on the document progress card
  • Click on Return to review.
  • Remove any parties from Signer status (this will allow for easy deletion once you cancel the document)
    • Scroll down to the signature blocks at the bottom of the document
    • Click the icon above the assigned signature block
    • Click either Someone from my company or an external guest in the pop-up.

If signatures have already been completed, from the top menu, select Signature and then Cancel all Signatures.

Remove Signers from the Signer Block 

  • Click configure signers
  • Click the arrow beside the signer
  • Select remove signer

Remove Users from the Document

  • Click Share to open the share modal.
  • Click the editing rights to the right of the party's email address (Editor, Viewer)
  • In the dropdown menu, click Remove from the document.
  • Repeat steps 2-3 until all parties are removed (aside from yourself)

Then, cancel the document:
  • Click File
  • Click Cancel negotiation 
Finally, delete the document:
  • Click File
  • Click Send to trash
If you'd like to delete it from your Deleted folder:
  • From the Home page, click Documents
  • Click Stages from the lefthand menu 
  • Click Deleted 
  • Select the document
  • Click the trash icon > select Delete.