Choosing Word Mode or Live Mode when importing Word files

When importing a Word file, you can choose between two ways to display and interact with that document in Concord. You can bring the file in as a Live document or as a Word mode document.


Word Mode

For Word files with complicated formatting, Word Mode will import your file into Concord precisely as it exists in Word, keeping all font and formatting the same. Word Mode documents can only be edited by downloading the file from Concord, editing the file directly in Microsoft Word, and re-uploading the modified file to Concord.

  • Word mode documents can have limited fields inserted, including static text, text fields, and Signer fields.
    • These elements overlay the original document when inserted.
  • Commenting in Concord is not available for Word Mode documents.

Live documents

For Word files with more simple formatting, importing as a Live document allows you to edit and comment on your document directly in Concord. Concord will track all changes made to the document.

  • Uploading Word files as a Live document also gives you access to all of Concord's fields, including Standard fields (this includes checkboxes and radio buttons), the Clause selector, and the Smart Fields created by your administrator. 

When Should I Use Word Mode? 

Word Mode will allow you to import a file directly into Concord as it exists in Word, keeping the same formatting. 

  • Documents with specific margins, bullets, or other hard-to-recreate formatting should be imported as Word mode documents. 
  • All images and font types will be brought in exactly as they are seen in Word. If your document requires a specific font or branding, Word Mode would be the best option.
  • Limited fields are available, so Word Mode would be best for documents that don't require the use of Smart fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, or Clause selectors. 
  • Word Mode documents will be labeled with a blue .DOCX badge next to the title of the document in Concord.

When Should I Use a Live Document? 

  • Documents without complicated formatting are best for a live import. 
  • All editing capabilities within Concord are available on Live documents, including access to all fields, the Clause selector, and Library clauses. 
  • Edits made to Live documents are tracked by Concord directly.
  • Commenting functionality is only available on Live documents. 
  • Documents that require full editing capabilities would be best suited for a live import.