Company Approval Workflows

Company approvals can standardize your approval process by allowing you to predefine necessary workflows available for all contracts to utilize.

Create a Company Approval

  • Company Approval Workflows are created, stored, and edited from the left-hand navigation panel.
    • Click the lightening bolt icon(Automations)>Approvals.

  1. Click + Add new approval
  2. Add a Name 
  3. Add a Description 
  4. Click the Assigned to icon 
  5. Select desired approvers (users or teams)
  6. Click Add approval step if you would like to add additional users for a sequential approval process.
  7. Repeat steps 5-7 until you have achieved the desired workflow.
    1. To delete a Step, click Delete. Steps cannot be re-ordered. Instead, delete the steps and re-create the workflow.
  8. Click Save

    Approval Required
    • From Anyone: Any of the specified approvers can be responsible for approval
    • From Everyone: All specified approvers must approve 

Add a Company Approval Workflow to your Contract

  • You can add your Company Approval Workflow to your Templates and documents within the Approvals tab.

  1. Open the document
  2. Click Approvals from the right-hand panel
  3. Click Set approval workflow
  4. Choose a Company approval  from the list
  5. Click Save
  • Requesting approval will also automatically share the designated approver to the document as an Editor. Their assigned permissions will not be adjusted if the designated approver is shared with a document before requesting approval.
  • This can only be performed by users who have the 'permission to set workflows' activated in their roles.

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