Message Templates

Message Templates are pre-written email notification content, including a subject line and body text. Creating a message template is a good practice when you find you are writing the same message repeatedly when sending document invitations.

Creating a message template

Message templates can be created under Settings in the Message templates section, and are created and saved at the individual user level. 

  1. From the Home page, select the gear icon at the bottom left-hand corner

  2. You will be navigated to your Settings page

  3. Select Message templates under the personal section

  4. Click the Create message button 

This will open the message template popup: 

  • Enter a Title - this will not be seen by the recipient but will be used to select which message you would like to use when sharing a document

  • Enter a Message subject - this will be the subject of the invitation email

  • Enter a Message - this will be the body of the invitation email

  • Click Save to add this template

Using a message template

Once you create a message template, you can apply it to your document invitations.

  1. On a document, click the Share button in the top-right
  2. This will launch the Share with people popup
  3. Share this document by adding users to the Add people field
  4. Click the gear icon in the message section
  5. Click Use message template
Select a message template from the dropdown

  1. Click Send to share the document immediately
  2. Click the down arrow next to the Send button or select Save for later to save the invitation for a later time.