Creating Documents

Documents can be created in multiple ways within Concord and shared with other parties for collaboration and e-signature.

Create a document

  •  From the Home page, navigate to the top menu.
    • Draft & Sign: Create a brand new document by importing a PDF or Word document
    • Create Template: Create a pre-defined contract to share with users. They can then create from a pre-built agreement rather than building from scratch.
    • Store & Track: Store previously signed contracts in Concord and leverage Concord functionality. Maintain a single location for all agreements within your organization.
  •     Once having selected an option from the above, you will be directed to the Concord editor where you can:
  • After selecting the document to start with, you will be asked to add additional details. 
    • Document Title: Title of the document
    • Third-Party: Who is this contract with?
    • Folder: Where would you like this to be stored? 
    • Tags: Add tags to the document for easier search and reporting functionality.
    • This information can be adjusted later in the Summary Sheets.

Importing Signed or Paper Documents

If your Document was signed outside of Concord, you can still upload it to your account and track it through to execution.

  • From the Home page, navigate to and click on the + New document button in the top right of your screen.
  • Select the Upload Signed Document  
  • Add a title, and complete the Summary Sheets
  • Drag-and-drop your executed document file onto the page, or click on the blue Import button hyperlink on the main page and browse your device for the document.