Contract Summary Information

For all Documents in Concord, you can set up a Summary Sheet for quick reference to critical information within your Document. Alerts will also be generated based on the information in your summary sheet for renewal and termination information.

Summary Sheet Sections

  • General Information - third party name, the title of the Document, description, and tags
  • Life Cycle - set and specify the date of signature, duration, notice, etc.
  • Custom Fields - personalize your Summary Sheet with custom fields (i.e., create and add a field dedicated to the external signer's phone number or the Purchase Order number)
  • Clauses - This allows you to add clauses from your clause library.

Adding General Information

  • Access the Contract Summary through the right-hand panel on the Document

  • Enter the third-party name, allowing you to search later and find your documents by customer or client more quickly. Once the Document is in execution, the third-party name will automatically populate once the Document is signed.
  • Enter a brief description of the Document to help other internal collaborators have more visibility into the contract.
  • Assign the document to the correct folder and Tag(s).              

Add a Link to Another Document

  • Use the Link to Another Document option to link documents together.

Setting a Life Cycle

  • Enter the date when the document was signed in the Signed on field, followed by selecting a period in which the Document is valid.
  • Set and specify the effective date if it differs from the document signature date.
  • If the Document requires a notice of termination, you can enter that information in the Termination Notice field.
  • Set renewal terms


Create Custom Fields

  • Click Add a field, enter the relevant field name (i.e., Phone Number),  as well as the appropriate field value. This allows you to provide additional context to the Document outside of what exists natively in the Contract Summary.                              

Adding a Clause

  • Click on Add clause to enter your clause information
  • Select Add duration/frequency to specify a duration for the clause
  • If you would like to add a financial amount, click 'Add Financial Amount' to set specific financial  terms      


Summary Sheet Alert Notifications

  • Concord automatically sends alert notifications for all future deadlines via email. These alerts cover all aspects of your contract deadlines (i.e., beginning, end, notices, financial deadlines, and any other clauses).
  • All shared internal users to the Document will receive alert notification emails on a signed document.

Who will Receive Email Alerts?

  • Concord notifies you by email of all future deadlines related to your created or shared contracts. These alerts cover all aspects of your contract deadlines from beginning to end, notices, financial deadlines, and any other clauses.
  • The users with whom the Document was shared or given access via Folders will receive alerts on a signed document. 

Who Can View the Summary Information?

  • Internal Shared Users can view the summary sheet 
  • Administrators who have joined the Document
  • External Concord Users who are shared on the Document and have a Concord account will see a blank sheet summary for their internal team to use and create, but not the summary sheet created by the document owner.
  • External Guests without a Concord account will not see a sheet summary panel.


Note: Users can set their preferences to dictate how far they will be alerted of a deadline in advance.