Bulk Upload Signed Documents

Using Bulk Upload, Administrators can upload multiple signed documents to their company's repository all at once.

1. Preparing your files

  • File names
    • The file name will become the title of your document in Concord. Document titles can be modified after upload as well.
  • File type
    • Confirm that the files to be uploaded are PDF or Word files. Concord does not accept other file types as documents. However, all file types can be uploaded as attachments

2. Organizing your batches

You can upload multiple batches of files using the Bulk Upload tool. For each batch, you can apply tags and folder locations to all files in the batch at once.

  • Group files for upload together in a folder to create batches based on the tags that you want applied to those files and the folder in which you want the documents to be located in within Concord.
    • Remember: the folder in which a document is located defines who has access to that file.
  • There is no limit to the number of batches you can add the queue for upload to Concord.The batches will upload asynchronously to the system.
  • The maximum size of a single batch for upload is 5GB.

Note: Concord does not check for duplicate files or require that document titles are unique, so take care to not upload a file multiple times by including it in more than one batch.

3. Creating ZIP files

  • Only a batch of files compressed into a single Zip file can be added using the Bulk Upload tool.
  • To create a single Zip file, select the files or the folder of files on your local operating system, right-click the selection, and select Compress from the context menu.
    • Note that if you are uploading files currently stored in another repository, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, you can use that software to generate and download a Zip file as well.
  • If you are planning to upload multiple batches, it is a best practice to name the Zip files with a title you can recognize and reference later. Each batch will be logged in Concord by its Zip file name.

4. Uploading your batches

  1. From the Home page, select the gear icon at the bottom left-hand corner.
  2. In the Company Settings section, select Bulk Upload
  3. Click the New Upload button in the top-right corner of the page

  4. Click Browse and select your Zip file
  5. Select the Folder in which the documents will be located. Your Personal Folder is selected by default.
    • Remember: the folder in which a document is located defines who has access to that file.
  6. Optionally, add one or more Tags. These tags will be added to every document in the batch.
  7. Click the Start Upload button

Depending on the size of your batch, the upload can take several hours to complete. You can navigate away from the Bulk Upload page or close the browser, and it will not impact the upload in progress.

  • You can upload additional batches of files immediately.
  • Uploading will continue asynchronously.

Monitoring uploads in progress

A record of each batch uploaded to your Concord account will be logged and remain visible from the Bulk Upload page.

Viewing batches

Administrators can view all completed and in-progress batches. The status of each batch is listed in the Status column.

Batch statuses:

  • In progress: the upload process is still taking place.
  • Done: the process is complete; ALL files have been successfully uploaded.
  • Done with exceptions: the process is complete, but some files could not be uploaded.
  • Error with Zip file: the upload of the Zip file failed, was interrupted, or the Zip file was corrupt.

Viewing files within a batch

To view the status of individual files in a specific batch, click on the name of the batch (it will be the Zip file name) in the Filename column. This will navigate you to the batch details page, where you can view the status of each file in the batch.

On the batch details page, you can see the total count of documents by status and filter the documents by their status.

File statuses:

  • Imported: the document was successfully uploaded. Clicking on the row will open that document in Concord.
  • Ignored: the document was not a supported file type and could not be uploaded.
    • To resolve this, save the file as a .PDF or .DOC or .DOCX file and upload it again.
  • Error: an error, which was not an incorrect file type, disrupted the upload process. See the Log message column for more details.