Insert Clauses from the Library

Insert a Clause from the Clause Library

  • Click Edit (Clauses can be added from the clause library to documents created in Concord or Word Documents brought in through live editor mode.)
  • Click Insert in the editing toolbar.
  • Select Insert clause from the library 

  • In the pop-up, select a clause.
  • Click Insert. The selected clause will appear in the document wherever your cursor has been placed.

  • Note: Inserted library clauses will appear as plain text in read-only mode for all external guests viewing the document.
  • In Edit mode for external guests, clauses will appear in an uneditable grey container. 
  • Creators and colleagues can view inserted clauses in the document but cannot edit the clause.
  • If you update an inserted clause in the clause library from the Concord home page:
    • The clause is updated in all templates that use it
    • The changes are logged in the audit trail to identify who made the update
Clause Library screenshot updated on May 14th 2024