Creating a Report

Reporting enables you to view a summary of your documents' performance and stats.

How to create a Report

  • Click the Reporting tab on the left hand navigation, then click Reports.
  • Click + Create Report.
  • Add a Title.
  • Add a description (optional).

  • Add one or more filters. By selecting multiple filters, your results will be narrowed.

  • Once you've applied your desired filters, you will be able to view all of the filtered documents for that created report. 
  • If desired, you can customize the columns on your Report, just like in your Document Inbox.

  • Select the Edit Columns menu located on the far right of the Reports page toolbar.

  • Check the boxes beside the columns you wish to add to your Report.

  • Uncheck the boxes you want to remove from your Report. Adjusting the columns customizes your view on Concord only. It does not affect the columns in the Export. 

Note: All users in paid plans can create, save, export, and delete reports. This includes all roles. Reports only allow a user to access information about documents they already have access to.  Reports do not allow them any additional access or the ability to take any action on documents.

How to filter Reports by date

  • Use the following criteria to create reports based on important dates within your contracts:
    • Creation date
    • End date
    • Modification date
    • Signature date
  • Create comparative reports with dates using the following operators:
    • is between 
    • is within the next
    • is within the last
    • More than
    • is before
    • is after
    • is blank
    • is not blank

How to access Reports

  • You'll have a dedicated page that shows all the Reports you have created in the past.
  • You will not see the Reports created by other users, and you will only see Reports for the current company you're at.


How to delete Reports

  • When you select one or more Reports within your Report list, a Delete action will appear.
  • Click the Delete button. A confirmation popup with options to Confirm or Dismiss will appear.

  • Once deleted, the selected reports will no longer be accessible.
  • If canceled, the action will be closed, and nothing will happen.