Special Field: Clause Selector

Clause Selector enables the creation and inclusion of pre-defined clauses and contract language in your templates and negotiations on Concord. 

Creating Clauses & Alternatives

Clauses can be created at the document level by Administrators or Users who have been granted permission to edit a contract in their Role

  • In any template or document, click Edit
  • Click on the space in your document where you want to add a Clause
  • From the toolbar, select Insert
  • Select Clause selector

  • Click on Enter default title and type your desired title
  • Enter your Clause in the open field 
  • To add an internal description, click description and enter your description.
  • Type your description 

To Enter Alternatives

  • Click on Enter alternative title (internal use) and type your desired title
  • Enter your Alternative Clause in the box below
  • To add an internal description: click description and click enter your description
  • Type your description 
  • To add more alternatives, click + Add Alternative Clause
  • Users may add unlimited alternative clauses

Permissions: 'Fillable by' & Editing Rights

Clause Selector will be visible and accessible to parties if:

  • The editing rights granted on the document, via Share
  • The editing rights granted on Clause Selector field, via Fillable by
  • The party's identity in Concord: Internal (colleague) or External (third party)
  • Granting a party Full Editing Rights to your document will grant access to view and edit all Clause Selector fields on your document.
  • Only the default Clause will be displayed to parties without permissions (document or Clause picker), and it will appear as "normal" document text.

Set access rights for a Clause Selector Field

  • Open Clause Selector
  • Select Fillable by
  • Choose between Someone from my Company, an External Guest, or Anyone.
  • Click Save

Viewing Clause Selector in a Document

  • If the party has been granted the proper permissions, Clause Selector fields will be displayed on a document over a purple background, set to the first default clause (see below). 

Note: While the Title is displayed, it is not inserted into the document.

Parties granted insufficient permissions will only see the default Clause, and it will appear as normal document text.

Choosing an Alternative 

After creation, clause Selector will always display the Default Clause in your document. To choose an Alternative Clause: 

  • Navigate to the Clause Selector field 
  • Click on your desired Alternative Clause title 
  • Click Select

After an Alternative has been selected, it will be replaced in the document.

*This feature is available with some of our paid plans.