Export and E-Sign in DocuSign

Concord's DocuSign integration allows you to export your Concord documents to DocuSign and sign them from there. To leverage this integration, it requires a paid Concord plan and a paid Docusign Enhanced Plan.

Export Documents from Concord to DocuSign

  • Click Automations>Integrations from the homepage
  • Toggle on next to the DocuSign integration
  • Follow the instructions to grant Concord access to your DocuSign account.
  • The contents of your document will be exported into a new DocuSign draft in your connected account. A new tab will automatically open in your browser to your draft envelopes.


  • Once you have integrated DocuSign with Concord, navigate to the document you wish to export.
  • Click File in the document toolbar and select the Export to DocuSign option.

  • You cannot export Concord documents to any DocuSign account other than the account you have connected to Concord.
  • Your browser may block the opening of the document in DocuSign. If a new tab doesn't open your DocuSign account automatically, check if you have a warning message regarding pop-ups. 
  • All exported documents will be saved to Drafts envelopes. 
  • The export to DocuSign button will not be available until signers have been established in your document.