Export to Google Docs

Concord's Google Drive integration allows you to export a copy of your Concord documents to Google Docs. All exported documents will be saved to a folder in Google Drive named 'Concord.' Documents can only be exported to the connected Google account.


 Documents exported from subsidiary company accounts will be saved in a subfolder title with your Company name. 

Export documents from Concord to Google Docs: 

First, you must connect your Concord account with your Google account. Click the gear icon on the bottom left-hand corner.

  1. From the Home page, navigate to the left-side panel
  2. Select the lightening bolt icon, Automations>Integrations
  3. Then toggle the Google integration on

  4. You will be prompted to sign into your google account and give Concord access permissions.

Exporting a document to Google Docs:

  1. Navigate to a document
  2. Click Export 
  3. Select Export to Google Docs in the dropdown menu

  4. The contents of your document will be exported into a new Google Docs document. A new tab will automatically open in your browser.
  5. Your browser may block the opening of the document in Google Docs. If a new tab doesn't open automatically with your Google Doc, enable pop-ups in your browser.

Automatic Exports: 

When you connect Concord to your Google Drive account, documents signed by you will be automatically exported to Google Drive once signed by all required parties.