Team Manager Role

Simplify the management of user accounts in Concord by delegating these tasks to Team managers. A Team manager has the right to invite or remove users from the platform without having full Administrator capabilities.

Team Manager:

  • A user can be assigned the Team manager role just like any other role.
  • A Team manager has the same rights as a Creator:
    • View the user list for the company
    • Invite new users and resend invitations;
    • Assign Roles to users (except the Administrator role);
    • Assign Teams to users
    • Remove users from the company

Can a Team manager create or delete Teams?

  • No. They cannot create, change the name, or delete Teams, they only assign users to them. An Administrator must have created the Team beforehand.

Can a Team manager remove an Administrator?

  • No. A Team Manager can neither remove an Administrator nor change their role. Only other Administrators can do that.

Are removed users permanently deleted?

  • A removed user will lose access to all documents in the company that it is removed from, but it will keep access to any other companies that they might belong to.