Auto-Export Signed Documents: Google Drive, Dropbox & Box

Concord offers integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box to automatically export a copy of your documents that are signed in Concord. 

Connect your Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box account to Concord

  • Click Automations>Integrations link from the home page.
  • Toggle the switch on next to the desired platform(Google Drive, Dropbox, Box) 
  • You will be redirected and requested to log in - follow the prompts to grant Concord access to your cloud storage account. 
  • Once connected, your contracts will be exported to a Concord folder in your chosen cloud storage account upon the signature of all parties.

Keep in Mind

  • Documents signed outside of Concord will not be exported.
  • Before setting up the integration, documents signed in Concord will not be retroactively exported to your cloud storage account.
  • This integration only applies to your account. Other team members must also set up their own integration to enable the export of signed documents.