Why Can't I Sign this Document?

With Concord's e-signature feature, signers can sign documents by clicking one of the Sign buttons on the document page.

To ensure that documents aren't signed prematurely or by the wrong person, the Sign button will be hidden from non-signers or locked until the document is ready to sign.

Sign button is missing

If you open a document and no Sign buttons are displayed, this means that:

  • Signers have not yet been configured on the document or
  • You have not been configured as a Signer on this document.

Learn more about Configuring Signers

Sign button is locked or disabled

The Sign button will be disabled and locked until all required actions are have been completed. Hover over the Sign buttons to display a tooltip indicating why signing is currently disabled.

If the tooltip displayed says: 


    "Fill required fields to enable signing
    There are required fields assigned to you that must be completed before you can sign. Learn more

  •  "Complete approvals to enable signing"
    There is one or more incomplete internal approvals that must be fully completed to enable signing. Learn more
    • Note: Approvals are not displayed to external guests, so a guest who is not able to sign due to incomplete approvals will see a "The document creator has not allowed signature yet" tooltip when they hover over the locked Sign button. 

  • "All tracked changes must be resolved before signing can begin
    There are edits (tracked changes) that have not yet been resolved. Learn more

Signing disabled due to your assigned Role

The Sign button may also appear locked for internal users who are assigned a Role that does not include permission to sign on behalf of their company. To gain access to the signing feature, they must contact their Concord Administrator.

Note: The permissions of your role will also apply to documents you have been invited to as a guest by a third-party outside of your Concord account. If you do not have permission to sign in your own internal account, you will also not have permission to sign documents to which you have been invited using your Concord account email. 

Not sure what's next/missing?

Check the Progress Card to the left of your document to view all steps: