Creating Concord documents from Salesforce

Concord's Salesforce integration allows users to generate documents from their Salesforce account using an automated template within their Concord account.

The automated template can contain Salesforce fields that will be automatically populated and synchronized with data from Salesforce. Generated documents can be immediately sent to a third party for signature. 

Sending a Document from Salesforce

  1. Log in to your Salesforce account that is integrated with your Concord account.
  2. Select the Opportunity that you would like to use
  3. Click the New document with Concord button

  4. From the Available Templates menu, select a template 
  5. Title the document to be generated
  6. Choose to invite people when the document is created or choose to invite them later
  7. Select the editing rights of all parties that are invited to the document. These editing rights can be assigned individually from within Concord.
    • Full editing rights allow all parties to modify the contents of the document.
    • Limited editing rights allow all parties to fill in fields assigned to them.
    • Viewer rights allow all parties to only read the document. 

  8. Enter the email addresses of the people that you want to invite to the document; each separated by a comma.
  9. Either click the Share document button or the Share and view button.
    • Clicking either Share button will create the document, automatically populate all the Salesforce fields inserted in the template (if there are available values in Salesforce), and send out invitations (if you have selected 'Invite when the contract is created').
      • Clicking Share and view will open the document that was created within Concord in a new tab
      • Clicking Share document will navigate back to your Opportunity

Track document statuses from Salesforce 

In the Opportunity, the Concord document-related list helps track the document status. In particular, it indicates:

  • Date Sent: Date when the document was shared with a third party
    • Date sent will be blank if the document has not yet been shared
  • Date Read: Date when the first external invitee joins the document
  • Date Executed: Date when the final singer signs the document

 You can view your document at any time by clicking the View button. 

View signed documents in Salesforce

Once the document is fully signed on Concord:

  • The signed document will be uploaded automatically into the Opportunity as a PDF
  • The 'Concord document status' will indicate signed