Signer Fields

Signer Fields are used to collect signatures.

How to add a Signer Field to a document

  1. From the right-hand panel, select Fields and then Signer Fields.
  2. Assign the Signer Fields to individual signers.
  3. Click inside the document to place your text cursor where you'd like the Signer Field to go.
  4. Drag and drop the Signer Field into the document. It will snap to the location of your cursor.

  • If no signers have been configured, you can select
    • Internal Guest: Any internal user shared to the document can sign
    • External Guest: Any external party shared to the document can sign
    • Anyone: Anyone shared to the document can sign
  • Or you can assign a specific person by selecting Add signers, which will bring you to the configure signers section of the pop-out menu.
  • Additionally, if you select a user who has been shared to the document, you can instantly make them a signer by selecting Make them a signer.