Downloading a Signed Version of Your Document

Once a document is fully signed and executed, all parties invited will receive a confirmation email linking to their copy of the agreement. You can download the document if you want to take your contract out of Concord.

  • Open the email and click the View document button. Alternatively, for Concord Users logged in to the platform, click on the document from your Documents page.

  • Click Export on the top toolbar

  • Select Download

Note: Signatures only appear on the .pdf version when all parties have signed. The download will not contain a signature block if you download a .pdf version of a contract in the Signing phase. 

  • Once downloaded, the contract will contain additional data to make the E-signature binding.
    • Document ID
    • Signature date
    • Signing Date
    • Signatory IP address
    • Signatory Email Address 
  • You will always have access to your contracts and related history through your Concord account, eliminating the need for paper documents. 
  • For additional information regarding the E-signature, you can download the Signature Certificate for any documents signed within Concord.