Exporting data from the Inbox

All users can export the data of the documents that appear in their Documents page/Inbox.

Exporting the data

  1. Navigate to your Documents page
  2. Optionally, filter your documents
    • Note that checking checkboxes to select specific documents will not be applied to the export. All documents displayed in the table checked or unchecked, will be included in the export.
  3. From the toolbar above the document, click on the Actions menu
  4. Select Export list
  5. The Export document list modal will open
  6. Choose between Simple export or Advanced export

    • The Simple option includes:
      • Concord unique ID
      • Stage and status
      • Created by and creation date
      • Last modified date
      • All participants invited and saved for later
      • Signers
      • Document title
      • Description
      • Tags

    • The Advanced option includes all simple export data, as well as
  7. Choose to download an Excel file or CSV file
  8. Click Export

Note that this export process does not export the document files themselves, just the metadata for selected documents.

Note: Depending on the number of documents included, the export can take several hours to generate. You will receive an email when the export is ready with a link to download the Excel or CSV file. This link will be valid for one week.