Terminating a Signed Contract

When your company decides to cancel a signed contract, you can mark it as "terminated" in Concord. External parties will not be notified. 

How to terminate a contract in Concord

  • Open a signed contract from your Document Inbox.
  • From the File menu, select Mark as Terminated.

  • A Mark as a Terminated popup will appear.
  • Enter the appropriate dates.
  • Select Mark as Terminated.

What happens after I terminate a contract? 

  • If lifecycle information was added to your contract and the termination date is in the past, your terminated contract will immediately appear on your Documents page as 'Signed - Canceled'
  • If your termination date is in the future, the contract will stay 'Signed - Active' until the specified date.

How to cancel a contract termination

  1. Click on the terminated contract in your Document Inbox to open it.
  2. From the file menu, select Cancel Termination.
  3. The agreement will move back to Signed - Active (or its original status).