Invite Colleagues to Concord

You can invite any colleague from your company to join Concord to share and collaborate on contracts. 

Adding Colleagues

  • To invite one or more of your colleagues to Concord, click on the menu button at the top of the navigation menu, then click settings
  • Under Company select 'Add User
  • Add the email address of the colleague you would like to invite and assign them a role
  • Add a personal message, and select Send

Resend Invitations

You can view the list of active users from your organization and users awaiting approval by clicking on:  'Settings' at the top of the navigation menu, then in Company Options click on Users.  

To re-send invitations to your colleagues: 

  • Select the colleagues that need a follow-up invitation.
  • Click on 'Resend invitation'and a new email will then be sent to the selected colleagues.