Legacy Account - Document Access Rights With Tags

Any companies that created their Concord company account after May 2019 will use Folders to grant access to documents. Tags will be used to organize documents only.

As an Administrator, you can give individual users or teams in your company permission to access documents that have a specific tag in the Tags menu, found under Company Settings.

Document Types

  • Document Templates - the users/teams can use templates specific to their needs;
  • Executed documents - in addition to having access to the executed documents generated by or shared with the user, this permission gives the user automatic access to documents that have a certain tag as soon as they are fully signed.

These access rules do not apply to documents that are in review, and you can assign as many teams and users as you want to a tag.

Viewing Access Rules

  • As an Administrator, you can view who has access to which tags in the SettingsTags & Document access menu:
  • In the below example, all documents tagged as 'employment will be accessible by the Human Resources team and an additional user (+1).

Creating or Editing an Access Rule

  • Document Access rules are defined by an Administrator selecting tags and then selecting the list of users/teams who require access.
  • In the Tags & Document access menu, create a new tag by clicking the blue 'ADD NEW TAG' button.

  • Grant or edit document access by selecting the box beside one or multiple tags and click 'Set access rights.'

  • Add or remove users or teams by selecting (or de-selecting) the box beside their name and click Save.

  • All Templates and Executed documents with that tag will be accessible to those users.