Finalizing signing

If your document is partially or entirely signed outside of Concord, you can mark the document as fully signed and move it to the Signed stage with Finalize signing.

What happens if I sign my documents outside of Concord?

Documents in the Review or in the Signing stage can be finalized by an internal user with Editing rights on a document. Documents can be finalized with required fields left blank, but approvals need to be completed. 

Once the signing has been finalized, the document will be considered fully signed.

This action cannot be undone.
  • Internal and external participants won’t be able to add new signatures.
  • All configured signers who haven’t signed yet will be removed. 

Documents that have been finalized will not include the names of signers who signed outside of Concord. The Signers panel will display the following message on finalized documents: "Document signed outside of Concord or has no signatures." when signatures have been finalized.